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Storage and delivery of Chemical

·storage of corrosive chemical
·Storage of chemicals in warehouse
·Setting scheme of chemical analysis lab


The Control of Chemical Leakage
·Emergency treatment of chemical leakage
·Emergency eye washing
·Chemical waste treatment   garbage can & wiping paper
·Avoid of chemical leakage  Spills diking & spills pool & leak stopper
·Liquid adsorption in the handling process   chemicals adsorption; oil adsorption; suck oil sand; liquid adsorption particles
·Heating of chemical container & petrol can in winter
·Emergency treatment of Strong acid and alkali burn field
·Chemical control & test instrument

Emergency aid & rescue plan
·Spot simple treatment
·Emergency transportation

Solving scheme of auto repair shop
·Repair of truck & SUV
·Repair of heavy truck

Warehouse & Logistics
·Design & construction of light steel warehouse
·Warehouse storage rack
·Transporting solutions in warehouse(sling)

Mine explosion-proof tools & explosion-proof products

Road safe & road remarking in the mine production area

Workshop fuel steam air heater

Workshop wielding tool set

Mine sling tool set scheme

Mine laundry solving scheme

Kitchen design scheme

Mine self-provided chemical lab scheme

Mine basic building materials at early stage
·Workshop wire & socket
·Industrial bolt
·Bind ties

warning in mine
dedicated locker case for miners
marking pen
dedicated protective equipment
·heat resting equipment
·chemical resting equipment
·whole set of equipment for welder
·dust free room equipment
·falling-off protective equipment
·transporter’s outdoor equipment

dedicated forging steel ball for mine ball mill
workshop fence  
mining mesh
wearable rubber
electrolytic copper bar
carbon for gold
lubricating oil used in workshop


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